I’m Laci Glenn. Certified life coach and inner critic rebel. You’re here because I was exactly where you are. 

Laci Glenn, Certified Life Coach | Laci Glenn Coaching

Until my late 30’s, I was a perfectionistic, over-achieving people-pleaser. And it worked. For awhile. I was officially “good on paper.” Successful. Married. Mama. Check. Check. Check. My life looked amazing. But I was a hot mess.

My perfectionism prompted wicked and ceaseless self-criticism.

Over-achieving was served with a heavy dose of anxiety and self-doubt.

I had impossible expectations for myself that I (shockingly) could never fulfill.

And excessive people-pleasing had led me to a life I hadn’t actually chosen for myself.

In 2015, that life collapsed when my marriage went horribly wrong, and I hit rock bottom.

But I wasn’t one to swim in the shallow end. Did I mention I was a perfectionist over-achiever?

I rebounded off those rocks hard.

I did years of therapy to address the trauma.

I stacked my bedside with self-help and stalked gurus on Insta.

I pursued a new career and doubled my salary.

Double Check. Check. Check.

"Good on paper" life officially rebuilt.

Everything looked great again. On the outside.

Inside I was drowning. I felt small, stuck, and terrible almost every day. A “not ok” that I couldn't perfect away.

Until I learned the brain science-based tools I will teach you.

Turns out life doesn’t have to just look good on paper.

Who knew?


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