The Only Way is Up - Why You Should Round Yourself Up

Why You Should Round Yourself UP

Most of us round ourselves down like our lives depend on it. We round down our goals, our dreams, our achievements, our worth, our personality, our impact, and on and on. Here’s what to do instead.

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Stop Apologizing Life Coaching Program

The Big Problem with Perfectionism

Oh, hey, you gorgeous perfectionist. I see you. I am you. I have and am actively working on banishing this so-called personality trait. Spoiler alert: it’s not a personality trait. It isn’t just who you are.

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How do you stop doubting yourself? You don’t.

Self-doubt is insidious. And we like to think that self-doubt is an entity outside of ourselves, blackening our dreams and coating us with inaction. When it pops up, we are convinced it’s an indication that we shouldn’t be doing whatever thing we really want to be doing.

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