Self-doubt is insidious. 

And we like to think that self-doubt is an entity outside of ourselves, blackening our dreams and coating us with inaction. 

When it pops up, we are convinced it’s an indication that we shouldn’t be doing whatever thing we really want to be doing. 

Like getting caught with a hand in the cookie jar. 

And do you know what we, as modern humans, do then? 

We quit. We hide. We watch Netflix, and we beat our dreams into submission. 

And we shove ourselves back into our ready-made box. 

Because quitting or not pursuing, or keeping ourselves really small, is so much easier than swimming in self-doubt.

Self-doubt is super uncomfortable, right?

We tell ourselves things like:

…“I can’t do this.”

…“I’m DEFINITELY not smart enough.”

…“People will think I’m stupid.”

We never stop to question thoughts like these. Are they actually true?

We think we are telling ourselves the truth. But that’s a lie. We rarely tell ourselves the truth. 

These type of thoughts are ones we use to convince ourselves that what we want to do shouldn’t be done. 

This is normal. 

This is what your brain evolved to do. 

Your brain evolved to keep you safe and away from things that will kill you. And it really thinks that your new, big goal is going to take you down.

And it’s got a whole lotta thoughts that it’s put on repeat for just these times. 

The problem is that we never question whether our brain is right.

We don’t question whether the self-doubt is necessary. 

And we stay small.

But what if we believed self-doubt was a signal? A signal that meant GO instead of STOP.

What if we just knew that self-doubt came along for the ride. And we told it to hand over the steering wheel and jump in the back.

We could move forward in spite of self-doubt.

Because here’s the thing:

You. Will. Always. Doubt. Yourself.

It will never go away. 

I know. I know what you’re thinking.

But it’s a good thing. 

Here’s why:

It’s an opportunity for us to practice moving forward when we are uncomfortable.

We need to cultivate taking action in spite of discomfort because no one ever got anything they wanted in life by being comfortable. 

So, the next time you doubt yourself, tell yourself it’s time to turn off the Netflix and move into it. 

Here’s what that looks like:

You: I’m going to INSERT GOAL HERE.

Your brain: That’s really stupid. Why would you do that? You’re definitely going to fail. No one is going to think you can do this. You can’t do this. Did I mention this is stupid?

You: I hear you brain. But I got this. Jump on this train, because you’re coming with me.

My brain is telling me that you totally got this. 

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